DAUdatacenter electronic storage of customs bills information

In reference to the electronic filing of customs bills, we inform that the dematerialization of the DAU (customs bill) will soon be introduced in Italy.

Therefore, it will no longer be sufficient, at the fiscal level, the pdf file of the bill as proof of export/import, but it will be necessary to archive XML files generated by the Customs website.

It will be necessary and indispensable to archive the xml files (generated by the Customs site), the accounting statement and the summary statement for imports, together with the xml file for exports; these will be the ones that will have fiscal value in case of control by the competent authorities. We therefore inform that the courtesy copy in pdf format will be provided by the Freight Forwarder after the customs operation, but it will no longer be valid from the moment the new mode of sending customs operations comes into operation (March 2023)

The Customs and Monopolies Agency will provide a customs drawer on its website, which each firm will need to access to retrieve its documentation. Each firm will be able to manage this step on its own, either by requesting information from its competent customs office, or by contacting the company EZDATACENTER, which, by proxy of the firm, for a fee, with low prices and with customizable products (such as the archiving of all customs documentation), will carry out the retrieval and archiving guaranteed for 10 years. 

We also enclose the information of the DAUDATACENTER portal, managed by the company EZDATACENTER, where you can learn more about how this product works and how useful it is.

In the customs drawer will flow documents related to ALL shippers you use.




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